Nykaa Wanderlust Shower Gel – Country Rose


Our shower gel captures the invigorating fragrance of flickering charcoal flames. Infused with charcoal powder, the gel cleanses and detoxifies your skin, while transporting you to those cozy bonfire nights, when you enjoyed that fresh open-air fragrance of charcoal. It provides hydration to keep your skin soft and moisturised.



Our Shower Gel captures the warm energising fragrance of Ethiopian Coffee. Nykaa Wanderlust Shower Gel – Country Rose It lathers and purifies your skin while whisking you away on a caffeine trip to the lush coffee plantations sprawled across acres of hilly landscape where you savoured the invigorating fragrance of rich coffee beans that instantly re-energized your senses. The gel provides a burst of hydration to keep your skin soft.


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